Thursday, March 09, 2006

They Are Watching!

Due to a response to the "Company Man" comments I made yesterday, I feel compelled to delve a little deeper into this subject today. It is apparent to me that several employees of different cycling related companies are viewing this blog from time to time. I am not going to name names here. I just want you, (whomever the you may be) the cycling industry employee, to know that there are several of you watching these posts and that a few of you have bent my ear either by e-mail, or personally. Sometimes there is some sort of irritation involved, but I would regard my efforts as worthless if there wasn't some of that! Most of the time; however, it's all been rather pleasant, and I enjoy making contact with all of you.

This really goes to show you the impact that blogging is having on today's business world. The doors to information are many and wide so that you will find little ol' rustic bloggers like me in Iowa talking about stuff that you may be surprised to find here. My suggestion is to get involved in the conversation. It will only help you in the current state of marketing affairs. For more on this subject and a good example of what blogging can do for a brand, check out the hyperlinks.

Now: For something completely different and potentially flammable! I have to shake my head everytime I check into what Mike Curiak is up to. Just when you think he's settled down into marriage, and running a business, he pulls out this strange contraption. Maybe it's got gadgets. You James Bond or something. Rockets and flamethrowers come to mind! Check it out and enjoy!

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