Tuesday, March 21, 2006

29"er Racing News

JHK To Race a 29"er?

It appears that a 29"er may get raced by a top NORBA pro this year. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski of the Subaru/ Gary Fisher mountain bike team is playing around with a hardtail 29"er. It appears that he is trying to determine which courses that he and the 29"er format will be best suited for. As it stands now, it sounds as if it will actually be ridden at some venues this season. The team has also been testing the 26 inch version of the Race Day bike. The 29"er version of the "RD" (As it's being called these days) has yet to be delivered to JHK and the team. Reading the reports, it sounds as if they have high expectations for the 29" version.

This is good to see, and frankly, long overdue for the Fisher squad. Being that they have had a 29"er program for several years now, I find it a bit odd that it took so long for them to get someone on the team onboard with the concept. As far as JHK's take on the big wheels, it follows right along with what I've always said. Horses for courses. Some venues are going to favor 29"ers and some not. Well, at least for racing purposes!

Mike Curiak Drops Out of T.I.V2

I was checking the endurance forum on mtbr.com and I saw the post. Bummer! I was really looking forward to seeing Mike again. Not because of anything that he could "do for our event", but just because I respect him and I find him to be a very interesting and likeable guy. I'm not aware of the reason that he is not going to make our humble little event, but I hope everything is okay. I'm sure he is completely innundated with things that need his attention what with putting on the Kokopelli Trail Race, the Grand Loop, and whatever else is going on with his business, private life, etc.... I know that he wrestled with the decision to even enter this years T.I.V2 due to it's proximity to the KTR. Good Luck Mike, in whatever you do!

That's my news and views today for you all. Still trying to track down another good interview. Keep it tuned here for your 29"er and endurance news, plus whatever other itches I've gotta scratch!

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