Monday, March 06, 2006

Good Night and Good Luck!

I was just over cruising the usual mountain bike boards when I saw a post from a fellow that was saying good bye. He was having to formally write a good bye in order to make a "clean break" ( his words) from the internet discussion boards and get back outside. He claimed that he had wasted way too much time on the discussion boards and had gotten way too wrapped up in controversies. It was time for him to sign off.


The funny thing is, this guy had a low post count, a nice "on board" demeanor, and was generally a good "cyber-citizen" I could think of several better examples for "sign off" from the internet discussion world! The thing that resonated with me; though, was the comments on the discussions themselves.

It seems that there is some sort of devil in these discussions that wants to sap out all your emotional energy. It wants to take away all your time. Time that cannot be replaced. It waves the flags of information and curiosity, attracting you into a world that is frighteningly small, when it leads you into believing that it is broad, and endless.

Want to know where the end of the internet is? It's about twenty inches in front of your nose right now! It's not just the end of the internet either. It could be the end of your free time, the end of real relationships, the end of you!

Think I'm crazy? Take a break from this cybertronic black soul sucker for a week. Come back and tell me then. See if you don't rediscover a few things..........about life!

Until then.................Good night and Good Luck!

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