Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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On One Scand-Al: Could On One Cycles be the British equivalant to Niner Bikes? It's looking like the company might be headed in that direction. Take a look at the photo of the aluminum frameset. These are not just any old aluminum frames;no, they are Scandium aluminum frames! That is a stronger alloy of aluminum that can be drawn into tubes that make a lighter, somewhat more forgiving frame than your standard aluminum frame. What's better is that this new "Scand-Al" frame, (That's right, On One is going to call it the Scand-Al!), is a 29"er! Geared with replaceable dropouts, that I assume will also be available in single speed mode. It appears that the photo shows an eccentric bottom bracket but I'm not sure on this! The projected price on this frame is approximately $700.00 and might be available this summer.

The other photo is of a CAD drawing of a carbon fiber fork with an aluminum crown that On One is working on. The as yet un named fork will have the same offset as the steel version of the Inbred fork. No word on availability, or price. My guess is that this fork is destined to be mated up with the Scand-Al frame- but that's only my guess! If they do this, then it surely would be one of the lightest frame and fork combos out there for 29"ers.

For more on the fork and a cool report on a direct comparison between a 26" and 29" Inbred check out this report from Twenty Nine Inches . Thanks to them for the fork image! The image of the frame comes to you from the 29"er forum at mtbr.com

And Finally..... I'd like to invite you all to take a gander at the article that I wrote for The Biking Hub, and for you to take a stroll through there website. Lots of good info here to check out! Enjoy!

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