Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fork And Mud Story

<==="R" is for Rawland Cycles.

I just recently recieved this great looking Rawland Cycles fork from Ben up at Milltown Cyclery. It's a new 29"er fork from Rawland that sports a Pacenti "bi-plane" crown and is disc only. (Other versions are available) Ben wants me to "give it a whirl and see what (I) think". So, you know.........I guess I just have to, right?

It is already mounted to a bike and ready to roll. I'll report back later........

<=== Tread packing up! Not good!

I made a stab at running around the Camp's south side Saturday. I waited until noon for the temps to come up and for the ground to dry out from Thursday's rains. Well, it was still pretty wet and sticky, which in all honesty was just what I wanted. I needed to test the mud shedding capabilities of the Ardent tires I'm testing out. It was as I suspected though, the tread packed up right away.

<=== The HiFi in the woods. Always a good combination!

I ended up taking it slow, because the corners were real sketchy with tires packed up as they were.

I ended up just doing one lap and calling it a day. I went up and down the gravel for a cool down/mud shedder and pointed the Dirty Blue Box back home.

Maybe I'll head back out today and see if the conditions are any better. If not, there's about a million house chores that could stand getting to. Winter is a coming!

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