Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wow! Things Are A Happenin'!

<===Eurobike is happenin' and keepin' me busy. Even way over here!

I'm late today again, but this time it is because I'm busy. Eurobike is underway and the news is pouring in, and that means I gotta work it.

Here's Niner Bikes new W.F.O. 5.5" travel 29"er with the new Marzocchi 44 29"er 140mm travel fork. Find out more at Twenty Nine Inches. If you head over there, you'll likely see my post on Salsa Cycles newest 29"er too.

I did get out before the rains hit yesterday and did a little riding at the Camp. It was a great time.

<===Testing! One......Two.......

Here's the HiFi Deluxe with the Bontrager XR Tubeless Ready tires mounted up. These things grew about two millimeters in width after mounting them. Scary!

Anyway, I'm way behind here, so I've gotta cut things short for today. Stay tuned for more madness from Eurobike, my ride report from Wednesday, and more.

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