Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yes! I Heard About Lance!

Well, the Interbike trade show is in a tizzy over this "Lance" announcement that will happen tomorrow here. The media people here are freaking out,and the Interbike folks are scrambling in preparation for mass chaos when hordes of "media wannabees" come looking for press passes.

Hey, suppose I could sell my press pass for some cool green? Heh heh!

So, yeah........Lance to Team Astana. Was that ever in doubt? Really, the guy is contracted to Trek for life and how many pro teams ride Trek bicycles at the highest level? Yeah........and I suppose he could have started his own "Livestrong" team, but ol' buddy Johan wouldn't have been part of that, soooo............

I guess I wish on one hand that a super star athlete would just go away when they are on top for once, and the other side of me doesn't quite get the whole "Lance" factor. I mean, yeah....from a cycling-centric viewpoint, I get it. However; the media over time has exposed a lot of this man's life that is well,......not so cool.

Anyway, being around this is somewhat amusing. Possibly irritating. Most definitely weird.

More from the "Big Show" later.

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