Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wow! Another "Real Post" From Interbike

<====My Crooked Cog boss, Tim Grahl, removing an offending terrapin from the trail surface at Bootleg Canyon.

So it is still like brutally hot out here on day two of the Outdoor Demo and we're still having fun riding bikes at Bootleg Canyon.

I took a nasty trip over the bars onto some gnarly lava rock and biffed my elbow up pretty good. It flowed quite a bit of blood, so at least it was showy! The rock escaped unharmed!

Now we're ensconced in the bowels of the Sands Convention Center using the free wifi since the inter-web-sphere at the house pretty much blows. We'll not be using that position for working on the computer anymore!

Okay, so now we're heading to a dinner date with some fellow web-o-sphere nutcases and I'll be headin' fer the shed after that. I guess I'm going to be posted up on a video on the Interbike's blog soon, so when that gets posted, I'll let ya'all know!

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