Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday News And Views

<====Salsa Gordo goodness!

Salsa Cycles Gordo Rims are here!:That's right, a set of the 35mm wide Gordo rims have landed here for testing and review at Twenty Nine Inches. I have some Hope po II hubs in anodized red that are getting laced up to these with a random "Mike Curiak" style colored alloy nipple pattern. These should be finished up by the weekend and I'll have a post up on Twenty Nine Inches soon.

The rims are incredibly detailed, especially in the inner rim well and bead seat area. Salsa Cycles has done their homework and executed what I believe is quite possibly the best 29"er rim yet.

Trans Iowa V5- The New Look: Whelp, "J-kove", (Or the man formerly known as "Mr 24"), has proffered up a new graphic treatment for the T.I.V5 version of the Trans Iowa site. Check it out and see what you think of it. In the meantime, I can say that a tentative course has been completely laid out for the event already. Much of it has already been re conned with only a short section or two to be seen yet. The plan is to get out right after Interbike and drive the entire thing to see how things flow together. It is entirely possible, and most likely probable, that a course re-route will take place then. (d.p. has already re-routed a section) I suspect that by registration time we will have everything dialed for the course. Registration details will be announced in November. Stay tuned!

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo?: This event is going to be radically different in it's layout and philosophy, if it happens in '09. I am currently in the talking stages with a couple of folks whose opinions I regard highly about what the BWB is going to look like in the future. I think many will appreciate the ideas that are being bounced around now, but I can not say anything publicly yet regarding the details. Just be assured that what you knew about the BWB is probably not going to be happening next time there is a BWB. Stay tuned!

Touring Tuesdays: I was talking with Jason B on our ride Wednesday and was telling him how his touring stories from his blog has inspired me to think about writing my own experiences up on this site. He encouraged me to do that, so on Tuesdays look for the old touring stories from my past loaded touring experiences to pop up here. I may even get some old photographs scanned in for this, so stay tuned. (Thanks for the encouragement, Jason!)

All right, it might be a little damp here and there, but get out and ride yer bikes folks! You won't melt. Whatta ya think ya are? Sugar?

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