Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: Update On Pre-Race Meat-Up

The Grill @ the Grinnell Steakhouse; Image by W. Kilburg
This post is about the e-mail I sent to the entire T.I.V9 roster last week. Didn't get it? Then ping me here and I'll get the pertinent info coming your way.

The e-mail gives you the choices you can make for your Pre-Race Meal with all the other racers and their support folk. It is a good time to get to know some of the folks you'll be toeing the line with, or to meet those folks you've read about, but never gotten the chance to rub elbows with.

If you want the sequence of events for the evening of the pre-race, go here. You'll also find the pricing for the menu items that you have to choose from there.

There are currently 119 folks still on the roster and I haven't heard back from even half of you yet. Please look for the e-mail titled "Trans Iowa V9 Pre-Race Meat-up" and answer it ASAP. If you can not find it, please let me know and I will forward you the e-mail. Finally, if you can not attend T.I.V9 for any reason, please let me know that as well. Thanks!

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