Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fenders and Far Away Places

Sloppy commutes are just around the corner and Planet Bike has just the remedy for you if you run a 29"er as your rig of choice.

Introducing the Cascadia line of Hardcore fenders. These babies are aluminum at their core and coated with a special polymer to withstand corrosion. You can see the super long mud guard that is double riveted for stability.

The really cool thing is that it clears the disc calipers with this clever long bolt and spacer arrangement. It really makes installation a breeze. I got these mounted to my Karate monkey in all of fifteen minutes. They are good and wide too. Those are Bontrager 2.25 XR's under there.

My snowy commute yesterday showed me that these will be a welcomed addition to my commuting. I kept all the spooge off of me. Huzzah! No more little splotches on my jackets to have to wash out! I'll give some more updates as the conditions get sloppier!

In news of famous people and far away places, I see Mr. 24 got his mug shot up on a big time cycling news site. (Scroll down the page until you see a flash of neon green. That's him on the upper left of the story.)

All kidding aside: I wish for a safe trip and all the best for Jeff. I see all the daily discipline and self denial he has invested into this over the years that I've known him. I am glad to see it paying him some well earned dividends. Besides that, he's a great fellow and a friend. I suspect we'll witness some pretty cool things this year from Jeff and the Topeak Ergon Team.

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