Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday News and Views

First up for today we have the Geax Saguaro 2.2" 29"er tires. I was loaned these tires to test by Brent of Twin Six ( Thanks Buddy!)

These are smallish knobbed tires with a connected center series of knobs for lower rolling resistance/ speed. I mounted these up onto the Bontrager Tubeless Ready wheel set and they have a flatish profile that is about 1.8" across and the side knobs are canted at a severe angle from this central portion making up the rest of the tires width. This looks to be a fast set up that will respond well to getting "pitched" into corners at low angles, at least mounted to the narrower Bonty rim. A wider rim profile would lessen the severity of the transistion from center section to edge knobs, I'm guessing. The tires I have weighed about 660 grams a piece. Not bad at all for a 29"er tire. Look for updates as I get a chance to ride these.

Mr. 24 made it home. Sounds like his trip was eventful and fun. I'll not spoil his stories, but do go check out his site for the lowdown and keep coming back there. He's got bigger and better things coming down the pike. I'm happy and excited for him. It's going to be a very interesting summer!

Speaking of summer: The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo is coming up on June 23rd-24th in Decorah, Iowa. This mountain bike festival/ gathering is geared towards 29"ers, but anyone is welcomed. I am headed up to Decorah, weather permitting, to get some details taken care of that will allow Twenty Nine Inches to start promoting the event. It's going to be fun and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. We plan on having several companies show up with 29"ers to demo, there will be fun riding games, guided trail rides, music, and other hoopla yet to be determined. Stay tuned! The developements will all be reported here and at Twenty Nine Inches.

Weather: Another storm is set to rear it's ugly head around these parts this weekend. They are talking freezing rain and ice. Not cool! Especially since I already had to cancel my Saturday plans. It might even affect the drive to Decorah tonight, we'll see. I sure hope not. Looks like a weekend best spent training indoors around the Mid-West!

I'll be posting some gear updates on Twenty Nine Inches this weekend since it looks like riding will be out of the question for us around here. Look for that and also a Trans Iowa update soon!

Have a safe weekend! Ride yer bikes, if you can!

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