Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday News and Views

Trans Iowa on the Brain: I've been working on some finer details of the event. It looks as though I have the cut off times all figured out and the mileages are pretty much set in stone now. I'm doing up a volunteer reference sheet now. (If you are planning on being a volunteer, shoot me your e-mail addy, if I don't have it already, and I'll get this document out to you soon.)

Specialized 29"ers by May? Hearing Specialized will have their 29"ers in stores by May. More details will be coming, but I can not imagine that this is not in response to another big players announcement coming soon that they will have a full line up of 29"ers for '08. Question for Mike Sinyard: What was that you said about your company and 29"ers? I forgot.....maybe you could help me out there? (wink!) Will there be a Fox shock on the front of these bikes? This was my prediction, we'll see soon enough!

Sea Otter: Twenty Nine Inches is going to Sea Otter which means yours truly gets to fly again! Oh boy. But wait until you see what I'm coming home in! Not only that, but wait until you see who I'm coming home with! (Don't worry Mrs. G-Ted, nothing untoward here! Besides, you already know about it.) Anyway, it'll be an eye opener. Big news from Sea Otter, so stay tuned to Twenty Nine Inches for more. Now where are those galoshes........

Syncros Developing 29"er Wheelset: Hearing that Syncros is developing a 29"er wheelset based upon their popular 26"er offerings. Rim design might be ready by Sea Otter with a full wheelset to be shown at Interbike. Anybody ready for white rims?

Another Winter Mess!: Getting set for Round #2 of icy build up around here. Starting tonight, freezing rain with a coating of up to one third of an inch is expected with snow to follow. Having electrical power may be a rare thing in this area after this storm blows through! If I don't post for a day or two, you've been forewarned!

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