Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Must Be Sick......

I Must Be Sick: Because I went outside this morning in -9 degree weather and thought to myself: "This isn't so bad."

I Must Be Sick: Because I won't watch the Stupid Bowl tonight. Nope! I haven't watched any football all season and I will not be watching a game tonight either.

I Must Be Sick: Because I've been sick for over a month, head cold, sinus infection, lost my voice, and had a regular ol' cold. I thought being sick was normal, and now I feel fine, which is like being sick if you think being sick is like being normal. Did ya catch that?

I Must Be Sick: Because I'd rather be riding my bike than do just about anything else, which most of my acquaintences find strange.

I Must Be Sick: Because I like 29"ers and alot of people say I'm a zealot and that I drank the "kool aid", and have intense hatred for 26"ers. Which couldn't be further from the truth, by the way.

Now 69ers on the other hand.............................

Nah! Just kiddin'!

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