Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Recap

I wasn't super successful with my goals this weekend. I had a tiny part that held up my 650 B project, which I'll get at work tomorrow. The Karate Monkey did get it's fork swapped out and fenders mounted. It looks slick! Pictures will be forthcoming.

The Raleigh did get ridden, but not where I said I was going to, so that part didn't pan out. The Haro will get a late Sunday night makeover, and hopefully I'll have something to post for tomorrow on that!

On other fronts, I have two little projects that I have been hinting around about and I will now help you all to keep track of them by assigning them the names Secret Project #1 and Secret Project #2. Both are single speed 29"ers and both are going to be custom builds. That's all I'll say for now on specifics.

Secret Project #1's builder called today and I spoke to him about some minor details like money, and where to send it, so that will be getting underway very soon now. I think the fruits of this will be ready for public consumption around Trans Iowa time in late April.

Secret Project #2 is in the final drawing stages and will be going into production soon hopefully. No idea when it might be done, but I'd think along the same lines as #1 above.

There's alot more to say about each project and why I'm doing each one. I'll be taking it piece by piece for you until we get to see some real hardware. Hang on, it'll all be told eventually!

Okay, other than that, I'm really looking forwards to hearing more about Mr. 24's European exploits and getting to Frost Bike at the end of the week! Interesting stuff to come! Hang on!

Oh, and by the way, we actually made it up to 28 degrees today! Amazing! Of course, now it's snowing again!

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