Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday News and Views

Frost Bike: As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I am attending the Frost Bike dealer only show in the Minneapolis area all weekend. Due to this, there will be no updates to this blog until Monday morning, most likely. (I may be back early enough on Sunday to post, but unless there is some earth shattering news, I'll probably wait)

Trans Iowa Freaks Take Notice!: Required reading here. There are several points to be taken here in this link. Anyone that has signed on for Trans Iowa ought to read through this and think about what the term "self supported racing" means. If you get this, you're that much better prepared for T.I.V3. (Try to avoid some of the acrimonious posts which have muddied up some really great points here)

Mr. 24 News: Well, he must have made it to Europe because his credit card company called work wanting to know why there were these foreign purchases being made with his card! You can run, but you can not hide! Ha ha! Check out the local coverage on the man here.

Weather Turning Around: It looks as though this is our last below zero Fahrenheit day. Things are supposed to get alot warmer again which means more test riding which means more interesting posts here. Hooray! I can't wait!

Have a great weekend! I'll be back again Monday. Till then.............................RIDE!

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