Thursday, February 01, 2007

H-Bar Is Here!

It finally became available and I finally got my hands on it. The Titec H-Bar, licensed design from Jeff Jones, is the aluminum version of the titanium classic. There are a few pretty significant differences between the two versions.

As you can see, I mounted my H-Bars with the rise in the negative position, as it felt better to me that way, and I like to irritate Mr. 24, who seems to think all logos should be readable and right side up. ( Heh heh heh!) The titanium bar doesn't have any rise at all in the cross bar, nor sweep, which this bar also has in the cross bar.

Here's a closer look. The bar itself appears to be a hacked off riser with the "Jones style" extensions welded on. Weird to say the least. The important part for me is the swept back extensions, as they are the part that I hope will give better comfort on a long ride.

You can also see here how the controls mounted and they seem to operate fine. I also am happy with how I can reach everything so far. Longer rides are in order to better sort out things, but I am confident that it will work with some adjustments here and there. The biggest adjustment will be to get the downward angle of the extensions just right.

I have some red Bontrager gel wrap that is going on as a temporary grip. Eventually, I want to get some Ergons on here to see how they will work. I believe they will be a really great addition to the set up.

Look for more info as longer rides happen. That won't be for awhile, since the lows are predicted to be in the teens below zero for the next four to five days! OUCH!

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