Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday News and Views

BRR Ride: We've got this little ride in Iowa every first weekend in February called the BRR Ride: (Bike Ride to Rippey) which is a short 25 mile or so jaunt from Perry to Rippey and back again down there in South Central Iowa. Well, it's going to live up to it's name tomorrow with the temps forecast way below zero for the morning start. Funny thing is, the last two years this ride has been held in 50 degree temps. I don't think the roads will see too many cyclists, the bars on the other hand.............

So, Yeah...It's Cold: However; it's not stopping a lot of cyclists from getting their outdoor mileage in. It's funny, or downright crazy, how you can get acclimated and suffer this weather if you are prepared. Cyclist begin to look more and more like alien creatures with the addition of balaclavas, ski goggles, "cow hoof" mittens, and body hugging wind stopper Lycra. Full facial cover adds to the surreal effect. Small children point and cower while clinging to their parents legs whose heads are wagging whilst pronouncing judgements on the mental status of said cycling life forms. Cold weather cycling, not for everyone, but fun to watch!

Brain Freeze: Continuing on with the cold theme now: I have been in neutral lately and so have a lot of fellow bloggers. My theory is that the cold weather slows down brain activity so that ideas are harder to come by. For cycling bloggers it's tougher to come up with inspiring posts. For those who are training for the upcoming season, it's harder to come up with sanity to keep oneself safely indoors and ride a trainer when it's brutally cold outside. Forgive us; our brains are slow. When it warms up again, we will return to normal!

Finally: Stay safe! It's no joking matter. This weather can kill you or severely injure you, so if you are planning a ride outside: Be smart!

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