Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday News, Views, Hints, and Predictions

Wheel Update: As I mentioned yesterday, new wheels are on the horizon, and actually, one set came in yesterday. A Bontrager Tubeless Ready System wheelset, to be exact. I'll have a post with all the specs and pictures up here tomorrow and later today on Twenty Nine Inches.

Speaking of wheels.... I know of a giddy young man in the North Country that has a bike with wheels that make 26"ers look like BMX wheels. It's a bike that is going to open alot of peoples eyes up and should be making an appearance soon. Keep yer eyes peeled! This is going to be super cool!

Special Projects: I also got word yesterday that one of my "special projects" is moving forwards into final draft status. It's going to be the culmination of an idea I've had brewing for several years now. More updates as they come. All I'll say now is that it's a 29"er and it's a single speed. I've got another special project in the works that will start taking shape soon as well. Waiting on the tax refund to get that project jump started!

Manitou Minute 29"er Fork: I did a post on this over at Twenty Nine Inches. It's going to be a great alternative to the Rock Shox Reba, especially if the price can be made to be competitive to Rock Shox. I'm hearing that the introduction is being hurried to get the fork on the market as soon as possible due to the "hot 29"er market". Might I also add that they are probably in a hurry to beat the sure to be wildly popular introduction of a Fox 29"er fork this summer? Hmm.......we'll see, but I'm placing my bets that Fox will be introducing it's 29"er fork as early as Sea Otter, or by mid-summer at the latest. If that proves true, Manitou will be upstaged if they can't get there fork out in riders hands before then. I look for Manitou forks to be on sale by late spring/ early summer.

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