Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekend Of Projects

The weekend is here and it's going to be a weekend of trying to get as many little projects done as possible. I've got a lot of little ends to tie up.

The Bontrager Tubeless Ready wheelset is going on the Haro Mary, which is also going to get the Bontrager Switchblade Race X Lite fork. I haven't even ridden the bike and I'm already upgrading it! Yikes!

Then there is the Karate Monkey, where the Switchblade is now, that will revert back to it's old KM fork and get the shiny new Planet Bike commuter fenders in the new 29"er flavor mounted up. After that, it's picture time for the post on Twenty Nine inches.

Then there is the Raleigh Mountain Tour bike that I have to finish up installing the brakes on, take pictures of, and get it ready to ride. A little project that just needs completion.

Finally, on Sunday I want to get out for a ride on my XXIX+G to test out the H-bar from Titec I bought and to get some time using the Dumonde Tech lube I put on the chain. There is also another purpose for this ride, but I can't reveal that, as it's taking place at a secret location. No big deal, but it just has to be that way, ya know?

At least we are supposed to break into the double digit above zero temperatures this weekend. Maybe I'll wear some knickers and a wool jersey. Heatwave, ya know?

Get out and ride your bike if you can. Escape the grip of cabin fever. Release the hounds!

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