Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday News And Views

Here's some tidbits I gleaned over the icy weekend here. Enjoy!

Mr. 24 is moving up in the world these days. Keep track of all the latest at

Trans Iowa Freaks! Take notice. Paul Jacobsen, a T.I. vet and entered in this years event has posted three fine videos on his latest blog post. If you were there, this about sums it all up, if you weren't, you need to check this out! These were You Tube videos that Jeff Kerkove made and one from the Team Polska boys, (who are also in this years event).

Dekerf Cycle Innovations 29"er is taking shape. Take a look at the latest rig from a storied custom builder.

Okay, that's a short one for today! We pretty much dodged a bullet with the storm yesterday. The snow part didn't develope here as they thought, so mostly just slush and ice buildup. Hopefully it will melt quickly and we'll be out riding very soon!

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