Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Fallout

<===Look closer. It isn't the pic you might think it is!

Well, Trans Iowa V6 is on to the next stage now. Registration is over, and now I have some course recon, details, and paperwork/e-mails to take care of. I just wanted to point out that there will appear to be more than 75 folks on the roster for awhile due to a couple of reasons. #1: I forgot to put a guy in that was one of the first to register, and #2: Volunteers from last T.I. are eligible no matter what as long as they let me know by November 30th. (One guy has taken me up on that with a rumored two more folks coming)

<====Carbon goodness.

The Specialized Bicycle Company was kind enough to send out this stellar hardtail, a Stumpjumper HT Expert Carbon 29 model. It's a nice rig, and I'll be writing it up over on Twenty Nine Inches

So far I've only gotten a couple of rides on it, but if the weather holds out, I'll be sportin' it at the Turkey Burn at The Camp come Saturday. Hope to see a few of you locals out there.

<===Got her dirty!

The trails should be okay by then if the rain that we are getting now stops tonight, and it shows every indication of that.

Oh yeah- I'll have another cool rig along with me at The Turkey Burn you won't want to miss. If one of these two rigs fits you, you might even get a demo ride. So, there is a carrot for ya if you were on the fence about coming to the Turkey Burn Saturday morning at Camp Ingawanis.

<====Hey! I know that guy!

Well, I still want to show a few Trans Iowa entries over the next few days. Here's one I got Monday morning. It was waiting for me on my bench when I walked in the door.

It's Troy Krause's entry. He of DK 200 fame and GLGA fame. (Yes- he won GLGA and came in on the podium at DK 200)

But as far as I am concerned Troy is most famous for coming out after winning the GLGA to pick my sorry carcass up on course after I had to pull the plug. A winner picking up DNF-ers? Yep! Class act this guy, as far as I am concerned. Well, for that and this..............

<===Awwww! Ain't that sweet!

........he sent flowers with his entry. Somebody was paying attention and knew I liked flowers. Especially wild ones, and that is what it reminded me of. Thanks Troy!

I'll post more entries in the coming days, but that's all for this post.

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