Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What's This?!!

So last week I posted shots of the Gun Kote El Mariachi frame on this here ol' blog. That prompted the following comment from George Wissell from Bike29: "OK, OK, that bike will look totally awesome with a purple King headset on it....Send it to the shop?"

I responded in the comments with "Yes! Please and thank you!" But you all know the sort of silly banter that goes on in these comment sections on blogs. Besides- we're talking about a purple Chris King head set here. You can't get one anymore. So I figured it was just George taunting me with this "dangling carrot". I never for a moment let myself believe he was actually going to send the thing. I mean.............really!

So, this box comes in Monday. Mail call! Box for Guitar Ted! Wha?!!!!.............

I look inside and holy cats!!!!!

Here it is all spread out so you can see it better.

A couuple of cool t-shirts, Swiftwick woolies in the Bike29 livery, a sticker, and............

.............that purple Chris King head set!!!!

Amazing! I was floored.

Thanks to George at Bike29. You are too kind, my friend!

And as for this purple Chris King head set?'s safely installed in the El Mariachi ala sinister style. Looks great, if I say so myself. I'm still not quite ready to show the El Mariachi yet. I'm getting some details taken care of, and more goodness is being devised for it which may take awhile to come to fruition.

Speaking of goodness for the El Mariachi, I should also take a second to point out that "Bobby the Ogre" from Salsa Cycles sent me some transfers for the stem. (Awesome! Thanks dude!) So that will lend a nice touch to the bike. I'll be working on this rig, testing it out, working on it, and as soon as everything I am expecting to pull together for it comes in, I'll post a pic or two. Until then, I will remain in "image silence" on the project. It'll be good! So stay tuned!

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