Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts Part V

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As you read today's post, you will note more images of cards and stuff I got with T.I.V6 entries.

Registration Questions: I got a couple good questions regarding registration that I'd thought I would share. First off- folks are wondering exactly when first time T.I. riders can send there post cards in. It isn't clear whether they can be received on the 21st or after the 21st.

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Answer: The new, non-veteran entries will be accepted after the 21st!

The second question had to do with how I have enumerated the classes on the T.I.V6 webpage. Someone wanted to know if that was how I was limiting each category.

<===These chips RULE!!

Answer: No- the way the numbers are laid out is totally arbitrary. If we get more than 20 Single Speed/Fixed riders before the roster fills out, than I will add them, as an example.
I just broke it up the way I did to approximate the way it has broken down in years past to make it easier for me.

<===Gas card and Red Bull. I'm ready for recon!!
That's about it. The roster is just over half full with today plus two more days for vets to get in. Monday the 23rd it's a free for all!
Then I suspect it'll take two, maybe three days max to fill up, and then we'll have Waiting List folks.
Good Luck to all sending in entries!!

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