Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trans Iowa V6: Meeting Report

<===Looking westward on the T.I.V6 course.

Well, Wednesday was the big meeting day and a lot of things for T.I.V6 got dialed, filed, or were put on the table for further discussion.

In attendance were "Super Rep" Rob Versteegh, d.p., and myself. We also did a bit of chatting with Craig Cooper of Bikes To You , and Sheryl Parmley of the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce. I am pretty stoked by the level of excitement and interest taken by the folks in Grinnell. Here's a rundown of some things that are solid for T.I.V6.

<===Rural traffic jam....

- The Start Line: The starting line for T.I.V6 will be right outside the front door of Bikes To You. Same 4am start time as always. Rumor has it there may be coffee available at the start. Don't hold me to that coffee thing, but it is being put on the table for now.

-Finish Line: In a total break from past T.I. tradition, the finish line will be announced ahead of time. I can't give an exact address as of now, but here is the deal: We'll be finishing inside a barn! That's right folks- Trans Iowa V6 ends in a barn. Not only that, but plans are currently in the works to host support people throughout the night Saturday/Sunday where you will be able to get race info, food, enjoy a campfire, and hang out as Trans Iowa finishers come in off the road. It'll be a regular "Hoe Down at The Barn" sort of gig. Even if the route gets truncated, or no one makes the cut offs, this still should be a pretty good time.

-Motel Deal: I can't announce specifics as yet, but Sheryl Parmley of the Chamber of Commerce already has some deals worked out for us to work on here. I will announce specifics on the T.I.V6 motel discount- hopefully along with the Registration announcement.

<===A lonely stretch of T.I.V6 gravel....

-Sponsor News: Rob Versteegh is stepping up in a big way for T.I.V6 and along with that we can announce that Oakley will be a featured sponsor of T.I.V6. Stay tuned for details, but we want to let ya'all know that Oakley is going to be helping us out with prizing and more.

Also, Bikes To You will be our bike shop sponsor. If you all need anything last minute when you hit town for T.I.V6, Bikes To You is the shop where you'll be able to score your bits and pieces to help make your T.I.V6 a smooth one. Not only that, but "Coop", the shop's owner, is really supporting T.I.V6 with logistical help and hook ups to make our Friday pre-race meet up a good deal. Coop also said he'll be able to get your rig assembled if you ship it to him at the shop, so for folks that may be flying in, you should check him out for that service.

Okay, there is more- a lot more! That will have to wait for further discussion, fine tuning, and approval, but rest assured, this Trans Iowa is going to be FUN!! (And not just for the racers either!)

I did get in some recon as well. Looking good! I nixed a few things and connected a few dots, so things went really well today. Stay tuned for further updates............

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