Wednesday, November 18, 2009

T.I.V6 Post Cards And Sacrificial Offerings

Okay folks! I am going to try and share a bunch of this T.I. Post card madness with you all. It's a long post! So settle in and enjoy! You can click on any image to make it bigger.

<====Soooo......I'm a doctor now? Good take on the "Vitamin G" theme. It actually has gravel inside!

<====I got one of these last year too. Something so stupid about this that it is brilliant!

Still makes me laugh!

<====Another Florida themed card.

Funny- you never see the reverse- You know, when they are getting blown away by a hurricane and we are enjoying wonderful late summer weather. Ha!

<====I like New Belgium. I like their beer. I like that they like bikes.

I also like this post card. "Redefining Folly" Perfect for Trans Iowa, eh?

<====MG, I don't know where you got this, but it is hilarious! Thanks Brother!

I'm left wondering what went wrong with models 1 through 24.

<====Been here once as a child. Funny how it looks so great on a post card!

<====You're welcome!

<===Things are still a bit fuzzy concerning T.I.V6, but they are quickly coming into focus!

<===I guess this artist is famous in the Twin Cities newspapers.

I just think it is pretty cool.

<====A few guys went down early in T.I.V5 due to mechanicals.

I'd stay out of their way if I were on T.I.V6!

I'll be sharing more in the future. One thing is for sure. You guys have been super creative and super generous this year. It is greatly appreciated. I am humbled- Thanks!

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