Monday, November 23, 2009

Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts Part VI

Course In Flux: Well, I just found out something tonight that is going to switch up the plans for the course. It was something that I had figured in early on that won't work out now. Bad deal. Thing is though, I just found out where some killer hills should be instead. Yay! Good deal.

That's the thing with course recon. You start to research it, go to see it, and it is forced to be different. That's why I never get my heart too set on any one feature. It always ends up that you lose one or two things you thought would be cool only to find three more things that rock to add instead.

Registration: I am pretty certain T.I.V6's roster will fill up today. If it doesn't, I'd be surprised and Tuesday I am certain will be the last day if we get that far. Here's the deal that amazes me. I wrote the rules in what I considered to be a pretty concise and easy to understand way in regards as to how rookies to T.I. were to time their entries. I said that if you sent them in too early, they would be thrown out. Guess what....

Lots of entries got thrown out.

I know I'll hear about it too. But, I won't be changing my mind. Just so you know... And no- I won't be putting those on The Waiting List either. Only entries sent in at the proper time and in the proper format and with the proper information will be considered for the roster and the Waiting List.

I'm betting I'll see the Fed Ex and overnight postal dudes early Monday morning!

Volunteers: I am getting volunteers e-mailing and calling me already, which is awesome. Keep in mind that if you get on T.I.V6 as a volunteer, you get an automatic entry for 2011, if we do a T.I.V7. (Whoa! First time I've written that, or thought about that version of T.I.) Anyway, also keep in mind that a Trans Iowa may never happen again, so don't go counting on that offer coming through. It is what it is. If you volunteered last year and want in, you can get in, but you need to send in that post card before November 30th!! (Yes- they get in even if I have 75 on the roster, but hey! They volunteered in 2009, and that was the deal I made with them.)

Off Topic: Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: d.p. was up over the weekend for a ride and we discussed the 2010 running of GTDRI. It was bandied about that GTDRI should occur on the weekend that ends RAGBRAI instead of the opening weekend of it. That way folks in the industry, or fans of RAGBRAI that want to do that could and they could bail on the final, mostly meaningless day to join us in West Union's Echo Valley State Park for GTDRI which would be on Saturday. Saturday night we are planning on a barbecue and camp over. Sunday we could all make our way home.

Anyone that cares should make suggestions in the comment section. I want to set a date for this ASAP. Dates would be 7-31/8-1 2010. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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