Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Meeting Day

<===This is where the purple King head set resides.

I'll be on the road today to Grinnell for a big meeting that I hope will clear a few things up in regards to Trans Iowa V6.

If all goes as planned, the announcement of Registration will soon follow. Then it's off to the races as far as recon goes. In fact, a little of that may happen tomorrow as well.

I probably will throw the Gun Kote El Mariachi in the "Truck Without A Name" and hopefully get some riding in on a secret surprise part of the T.I.V6 route. That way I'll kill two birds with one stone. Recon and ride a new rig. Well......not new really. Just different than it was. It's good to have the El Mariachi back and now it is a single speed. Good stuff for sure!

<===My ol' Buddy hit the glossy pages!

Take a looky here local freaks! That's Mr. 24 in Mountain Flyer Magazine. He got the lead photo on their story about the Breck Epic. Pretty cool there Jeff!

It was fun following all the travels of Jeff and the rest of Team Ergon Topeak all year. It makes it more interesting when you know a few of the people personally and have met a few of the others. Anyway, I'll be checking them out in 2010. Oh yeah.....and I'm a big fan of the grips and packs too. Check that stuff out here.

So, that's it for today. Look here tomorrow for a report on the "big meeting".

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