Friday, January 08, 2010

Gravel Grinder News: Thoughts

<===Ben Shockey's new event is the latest news at GGN.

As many of you know, I started a little blogsite to chronicle all the crazy gravel based events i could find out about and have links to their respective sites so everyone could use it as a resource that was into such rides. Well, I threw it up on the site originally intended for the Trans Iowa History that I wanted to document. That ended up on a different host and this blog was just sitting there. So I threw the idea of Gravel Grinder News on the template to see if it would stick. Boy! Did it ever! I have received much encouragement and comment about the little endeavor.

So much encouragement that I think that this idea will be taking the next step, as it were, and going to a "dot-com" address. What happens after that, I am not sure. This is where I want to ask you readers out there for your ideas. What do you want out of a gravel/back roads event site? Simple dates, times, places, and links? Do you want tips/ideas on how to tackle these events? Do you want to see it go so far as to become a reveiw/test site for bikes and related gear?

Maybe you'd just like the ability to comment! Ha ha!

Whatever your thoughts, I invite you to type them out in the comments section here and let me know. I am all ears on this one.

In fact, I wasn't very excited about jumping in on this for a long time. I originally felt that the idea would end up being picked up on by someone else, but one did. When I kept seeing requests for a "listing" of all the gravel events, and seeing that the lists that were out there were (a) poor and never updated, or (b) tied to another event's site, I decided to take this on now.

The risk is that it will become something too unweildy for me and/or become left in the corner to rot due to my being too busy. Well, there is always a risk, I guess, but so far it hasn't been any burden at all to keep up. I just want it to be something folks want and will use. Let me know what you think, please, and comment. Thanks!

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