Thursday, January 07, 2010

Highs And Lows

<==The Karate Monkey does another tour of winter duty.
I got in a lot of things I needed to do on Wednesday. Errands, and web work were some of those things. A battery for "the truck with no name" was one of those things. I got it swapped out and running again. That felt good.
I did a hour and a half ride with errands mixed in. Temperature was about 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty chilly, but it was great to be riding. Oh yeah.......the Woodchippers? They are great. I think I'm going to really come to appreciate this design. I'll probably double wrap them later. That's the only tweak though. The rest is spot on.
Well, I got back home and cooled down only to realize that I didn't know where the keys for the other rig were. Yeah, and these keys are the "smart" keys, with the alarm, door locks, yadda-yadda. I scramble around the house for an hour searching ever more frantically. Then it hits me. I may have lost them on my travels by bike today. And it had started snowing. Fat chance of finding them now. If I did lose them out there. I don't know. Did I mention it was the only set of keys we ever had for this rig? Yeah, because getting a duplicate set was really expensive!
And with that four figure mistake slowly setting in, I was depressed and really angry with myself. Great way to end the day, huh?
Oh well, there's always tomorrow...............
And you know, sometimes tomorrow comes today. Later on I thought on it and figured out a possible scenario. I was right. I found the keys.
And all was back to normal again.

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