Friday, January 22, 2010

Frost And Flash

<===Mrs. Guitar Ted said that "They sure won't miss you on that one!"
So here ya go, the Velocity wheels, Ardent tires, big long fork, 20mm through axle, one speed, and a cool aluminum frame. No goofy names. Just a killer ride. I can't wait to find some dirt on this one.
Yup, that's about it really. No crazy story. No wild tales of how everything came together. I guess I am just boring that way. Oh well!
The tires are tubeless using my buddy MG's cool system which went together in a snap and I am betting will hold up really well. The Ardent 2.4 is up front here with an Ardent 2.25 in the back cause that's how we roll in the Mid-West. Good news is that the Ardent has stretched up to 59 plus silly-meters so far. Still not a 2.4 incher, but it's gettin' close.
<===Click on the pic to make it bigger and find the smiley face Jack Frost left behind!
So we were treated to about three or four days of crazy hoar frost this week. Frost like I can't ever remember seeing. I was stuck inside with family duties for three days and figured I'd miss getting out in it, but when Tuesday came I was treated to an incredible ride to work. The hoar frost had accumulated to such a degree that many of the smaller branches were completely obscured in a brilliant, feathery white. It was as if the trees had sprouted leaves of pure white color. It was an amazing morning!

I was running late, but I just had to stop and pull out my Panasonic LX-3 and take a few hurried shots to remember this by.
Just another of the odd things that have occurred this winter. Now we're supposed to get rained on Saturday which should make everything glum and nasty looking. Makes me even more happy that I stopped a second or two to take these shots. Winter can be beautiful too. I know some folks can't understand how we put up with the cold, but it isn't all that bad once you've lived here awhile.
That said, I am getting that itch for spring to come. I want to hit the dirt with that Dillinger set up with the Rock Shox. I want to ride miles of gravel. I sure would like to see some flowers again too.
It'll be coming!
Ride yer bike if you can and have a great weekend!

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