Sunday, January 24, 2010

"" Is Here!

Hey everyone! This is just a heads up that due to the success of Gravel Grinder News I have decided it would be worthwhile to register the domain

The old address will still show up for a bit, and your browsers will be redirected to the new address automatically, but you may want to make the change in your book marks if you want to.

This means that you can expect some changes as this site grows in the future. Nothing spectacular for the short term. I was starting this as a trial balloon of sorts to see if the idea had any traction and it seems that you folks out there think it is a worthy endeavor, which has encouraged me to step it up a notch.That said, the site is powered by you.

I rely on your suggestions, and also your tips to keep the info you find there fresh and useful to gravel aficionados all across the nation. Please keep the info and suggestions flowing by e-mailing me anything pertaining to gravel and back road events, races, and results.

Thanks and I hope you all have great adventures out on the gravel in 2010!

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