Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Snooze, You Lose

Well, after a blazing start to the Dirty Kanza 200 registration, the event filled up in 12 hours! Event Co-directors Jim Cummins and Joel Dyke must have secretly added 10 more entry spots at some point, but no matter. The event is filled and registration is closed.

If you went to their registration page late you were greeted by the following:

Online Registration is closed.Sucker. Try again next year.

You snooze, you lose! (Kinda harsh, but it got the point across, I guess)

At any rate, your's truly got in and so did some locals flying under the Velo Syndikat banner. Hmm...............wonder what's up there? (Actually, I know- I am just not sure it is a publicly traded commodity yet!)

Look for DK 200 training and gear bits in the future.

Better buckle down and start training! Giddy up!

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