Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!

It's the start of a new decade. WooHoo! Well, with that I want to write down some goals and thoughts coming into this new year............

Riding: It is what it is all about. Riding. I want to get into better shape for the coming season because when I got into good shape last year it just made the riding a lot more fun. Still, there was a lot of room for improvement and I hope to hone in on some finer fitness this year to make my riding more fun.

Added to this is the fact that I want to do a few competitive, long distance things in 2010 and the goal is to finish those events.

Places: It is always fun to go different places to ride. Last year I did seven different states and this year I would like to increase that number. Specifically I am looking forward to getting to El Paso, Texas, Rock Lake Loop, Cable, Wisconsin, Nebraska including the Lincoln/Omaha area and Potter's Pasture. Minnesota and the Murphy-Hanrahan system and also Lebanon Hills. These and more are on the radar for 2010.

People: Of course, riding with other folks is the key component to making any ride way, way better. I hope to continue to ride with those of you that I rode with in 2009. I want to re-connect with some of you I missed last year, and of course, there are a lot of new people to meet on rides that I don't even know yet, and I really look forward to that.

Writing: The sites Twenty Nine Inches and The Cyclist are my big jobs and getting the hang of "running those ships" is still a work in progress. This blog is what it is and I hope to continue my series, my ranting, and local focus along with some newsy bits and behind the scenes stuff that won't get on the other sites. Gravel Grinder News will continue and I hope will be a resource that folks find helpful.

Events: Of course, the "Big One", T.I.V6- is the main focus here. Then I will be doing the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational in July. Beyond that, I won't be doing squat for putting on events. Nothing. Nada. I will aim to attend others events though. That much is for sure. 2010 won't see a Big Wheeled Ballyhoo from me, nor will I be dreaming up anything else new. (Although I'll admit having an itch to do a "gravel-BRAI" alongside the pavement version the last week of July- but I will resist such temptations!) No, I'd rather do Fargo Adventure Rides, Dirty Kanza, Good Life Gravel Adventure, and stuff like that in 2010.

Well, that's a good overview of 2010 expectations for myself. Whatever happens, I hope 2010 brings you all much joy, retained good health, joy in relationships, miles of smiles, and epic rides.

See ya down the trail in 2010!

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