Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Riding Along

<===Just itchin' for some long gravely rides.

I was doing a write up on some cycling gizmo earlier and I just had to stop for a minute and remind my self that it isn't about data. It isn't about graphs, GPS tracks, heart rate, or whatever.

It's about the ride.

It isn't about carbon fiber, hydro-formed aluminum, tubeless tires, or even 29"ers.

I guess this long, cold, snowy winter has got me to thinking about how good it is just to ride a bicycle. Any ol' bicycle, but preferrably the one that you just really enjoy being on. (Whatever that "one" is) I know that for me, I sure miss riding that Fargo right about now. I have written a ton of words about this bike, and how it is a game changer and all, but the one thing about it is this: It just feels right when I ride it.

In fact, it doesn't really matter that it is this waaay cool mountainbike adventure touring rig. I just smile every time I get to ride it on some lonesome gravel road, and I miss that right now. A lot.

So while "Just Riding Along", or as we shop rats know it- "JRA"- is a negative experience most of the time as it relates to customers, I wish I was "JRA" right now on a dusty path. I guess that time will come soon enough.

Hopefully it will warm up a bit so we can all ride out the end of this winter. If you can't, well- hold on! It won't be much longer! Have a great weekend and ride em if ya can!

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