Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trans Iowa V6: Thoughts Part XI

Welcome to your weekly dose of Trans Iowa V6 related thoughts and comments sprinkled with some actual useful information.

The Waiting List: This is the final weekend for The Waiting List. Once Sunday passes the roster will be frozen and if I recieve drop out notices, the roster will be allowed to contract. Thank you to all who jumped in and let me know you were not going to make it in. I appreciate it, and so do all the folks who took your spots.I never had to wait very long to hear back from folks contacted on the list, so I know these spots were coveted. We had well over 40 folks- something like 46 or 47- on The Waiting List this year, which was a record.

First off, just because the Waiting List is done doesn't mean you should just be a no-show on April 23rd if you know you can not make it. Please let me know ASAP if you can not come to T.I.V6. It will save on spending money for resources for your spot- cue sheets, race packets, and schwag. Plus a lot of time put in as far as preparation. Plus we need a solid number of attendees to the "Pre-Race Meat-Up" so the Grinnell Steakhouse can be best prepared for our gathering. Please! It is super important for me to know if you plan on not making it.

As far as the roster is concerned, my feeling is that we will start the biggest field we ever have had at a T.I. event. That would have to be more than 64. (T.I.V3) We'll see....

Finally, in relation to The Waiting List and in turn, Registration, there will be a slightly different plan set up for next year. (If there is a T.I.V7) It is obvious that gravel road events are very popular. (Almanzo looks to have over 300 participants for its May event, DK 200 sold out in a day, for examples) I may consider a slight expansion to the roster, but only if I see bigger numbers at the start line this year. If we start the number of riders that we normally do, (somewhere in the 50-60 rider range), then I see no reason to expand the roster.

Regardless if the roster expands or not, there will be some sort of change to the registration process. New riders will be given more of a chance to get in. I am not sure how that looks just yet, but I have a long time to mull that over. just know that the registration process will be tweaked "if" another T.I. is run.

Pre-Race Meat-Up Details: Here are some more fine details on the Pre-Race Meat-Up. Remember- this is a required attendance event! This is where you will check in officially for the event, recieve the all important first set of cues, your race numbers, and a packet with some schwag. You will also be invited to eat at The Grinnell Steakhouse where the meeting is taking place in their banquet room.

I am going to give some tentative times here. This may change before April a bit:
  • 5:00pm: Gather at The Grinnel Steakhouse. Check in and have your name marked on the roster. Sign the waiver. Sit down for some fine vittles which will include a choice of grill your own chicken, beef, or pork. Vegetable Kabobs and a salad bar will be available for you non-meat eaters. A fully stocked bar is also on the premises.
  • 6:30pm: Pre-Race meeting will begin with remarks by Guitar Ted and d.p. Some raffle schwag will be given out. A short Q&A will then be held which will then lead us up to...
  • 7:00pm-ish: The Call Up- Each racer will be called up individually, given the race packet, and then you are free to leave.
  • 8:00pm: The place should be cleared out and everyone gone to bed!
Note: If you don't get checked in at the door before 6:30pm, you will not be racing T.I.V6!!

I will only call names of folks that were checked in at the door and that have signed the waiver. If you are late- too bad. You've been warned now, and I will continue to let this be known as many ways as I can until April. If you tell me you didn't know about this, I will not believe you. Sorry!

Prices And "Dining Dollars": Here is the breakdown for the main entre's that you have to choose from:
  • Grill Your Own" Beef - $15.99 
  • Grill Your Own Chicken or Pork - $13.99. 
  • Veggie Kabobs - $10.99
To help defray the cost of the meal, and as a welcome to Grinnell, the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce has what is known as "Dining Dollars" available to you, the participants of T.I.V6. Basically, you will be getting two ten dollar gift certificates each. One certificate will be good towards your Pre-Race Meat-Up meal, so you will be spending less of your own money. This is an awesome deal! The other certificate is for a meal on Saturday, which could go to a support person, or I am sure could be spent on Sunday as well. These must be used at Grinnel Chamber of Commerce memeber businesses. (A list will be provided, see below) These certificates can be spent like cash for food. The Dining Dollars will be in a Welcome Packet you can pick up at The Comfort Inn and Suites upon your arrival in Grinnell. The packet will include the following:

-Visitor Guide

-History Book

 -Restaurant Information with map (Here you will find where you can spend the Dining Dollars)

 -The Hub – The Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

 -Grinnell Brochure

 -Tour the Barn Quilts of Poweshiek County Brochure

-Merchants National Bank Brochure

-Business Card on the Model Railroad Display

That should set you up for what to expect. There may be more details and tweaks to come, so stay tuned! Thanks go out to Sheryl Parmley and the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce for the awesome work and for the "Dining Dollars".

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