Saturday, January 09, 2010

So, Are You Going?

<===You gotta click this for the larger view. Lots of details in there! (From 2009 DK 200 course, photo by Guitar Ted)

Tonight at midnight the Dirty Kanza 200 opens up registration for one of the top gravel events in the World. Are you going? I am.

Maybe I am crazy, but I like this place. Check out the report I did from last year, and especially the short videos I did.

If you do, you will notice the massive wind noise, the lack of clouds, and bright sunshine that resulted in the decimation of the approximately 85 rider strong feild last may. Yep! It was brutal.

So why? Why go back for such a beatdown?

If I could properly explain it, I would. Call it a sickness, I guess. There are a lot of us that have it too. All I know is that I want to complete the course and because of my ill-preparedness in the first attempt and sickness the second time I feel like I have not given this my best shot. I can do better.

So late tonight I'll be sitting here waiting to register for another crazy trip to Kansas. Are you in?

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