Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Biking, Tire Death, And The T.I.V6 Waiting List

<===The Maxxis Ardent 2.25 died a long, painful death.

Well, on January 27th, at approximately 9:00am, a Maxxis Ardent 2.25"er bit the dust, (as a tubeless tire) in my kitchen. Cause of death was a weak sidewall that couldn't stop hemorrahging sealant through spontaneaously created perforations.

It will be survived by an Ardent 2.4 inch tire.

The Ardent 2.25, while lauded by many across the land for its attributes, never behaved itself in like manner at my home. In fact, it was a miscreant as a tubeless tire and never more than average as a tubed tire. Society has been relieved of bearing this under producing example that I have as I will be retiring this to the dust bin. Too bad too. It seemed to have so much potential.

Snow Biking: So instead of ripping up some snow packed streets with the Dillinger/Velocity/Ardent package I instead called into duty the Salsa Cycles El Mariachi named "Grimace" outfitted with the porcine WTB Kodiak tires mounted to the wide Gordo hoops. This proved to be a stellar choice. I ended up finding some well travelled snowmobile tracks and the big WTB's floated me right quick down the trail. Now I can finally understand just a bit what it would be like to have a Pugsley or some other fine snow bike.

I only lasted about an hour, but I need to work into things gradually, since I haven't had many outdoor opportunities of late. The single speed and weight of the wheels made for a constant effort that was taxing, but enjoyable. Good riding at any rate. I feel snow riding, at least the style I do, sharpens my handling skills and balance. I was putting out a pretty consistent effort too, so I thought it was a better way to spend an hour than I would have otherwise.

Speaking Of Training: How is the T.I.V6 training going? Are you going to be on that start line in front of Bikes To You in Grinnell on April 24th? No? Then please let me know so I can move some folks off The Waiting List to the roster before Sunday at midnight! That's when The Waiting List turns back into a pumpkin until next time.

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