Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: This And That

Today's post on Trans Iowa will revolve around several bits and pieces of information. All important, but none big enough to carry a whole post on their own.

"300 Miles Of Gravel":

In case you hadn't heard, the movie that documented Trans Iowa V7, called "300 Miles Of Gravel", is available on DVD from this link. This film is about 26 minutes long. It won a Regional Emmy for Best Sports Programming: One Time Event, so, somebody thought it was pretty good! I will say that this film should give you an idea of  what to expect in an "overview" sort of manner.

The DVD cover for "300 Miles Of Gravel"
Retroshift Contest:  
Just a reminder about the Retroshifters that are up for grabs to a lucky guy or gal that writes to me describing why they need them for their T.I.V9 rig. Go here for the details on how to enter.

Pre-Race-Meat-Up and Finishline Details:

I have heard some super exciting possibilities for the pre and "during-event" festivities for T.I.V9. While I can not divulge any specifics as yet, I wouldn't be surprised if things are very different from other Trans Iowas this time around. But don't worry, the emphasis will be on fun. 

Also- whatever happens, the Pre-Race Meat-Up will happen on the afternoon/evening of April 26th, and is a required attendance function for those who want to ride Trans Iowa V9. Finally, if anyone can not make Trans Iowa this year for whatever reason, please advise me ASAP. I need to limit my expenses and work to best be able to cover each rider that will be there.

Volunteers: I've got Checkpoint #2 covered, but I still need bodies for Checkpoint #1, and some exta help at the start this year. If you want to Volunteer, drop me a line and let me know in the comments, or via the e-mail link HERE 

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