Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Weekend Off

Making noise through this...
Well, I decided to take some time off the bike, and I also decided it was high time for Mrs. Guitar Ted to get out of town so we did just that. I took my lovely lady and we joined with some friends to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. Since my wife is of Korean heritage, she loves Korean food, so this happened in the Twin Cities, because they just don't do good Korean food just anywhere.

Some things are more important than bicycles, (really), so this was a great time, albeit a very short time, to spend with special people.

In the meantime, I was at a point in riding that I needed to rest anyway. My body was really thrashed from all the cold snow riding and sledding I had been doing of late. I did ride into work Friday, but since then I have been off the bike, and Friday evening I slept like a baby. So far I feel great with the extra time off from exercise. Of course, much of it has been spent behind the wheel of an auto!

This day I played my guitar at  church in the morning and then I went back to fetch my wife, who I left up in Minnesota to have fun with her friend, who she rarely gets to see, and then it is back to a regular work week.


Yes, back to the same-ol-same-ol. It's been awhile since the schedule hasn't been all jacked up around here. I'll also be getting back on board with riding, and maybe a little something extra for training that I am not talking about just yet. We'll see how that goes. One thing is for sure, with all the warmer temps, the snow is going to take a big hit around these parts. Already has, in fact.

A weekend off but still busy. It's been fun though. A lot of fun.

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