Sunday, January 20, 2013

Triple D Winter Race: "D-Day"

Short post today. I am in Dubuque, or more correctly, in the Dubuque area bucking a wind somewhere over hill and under dale. The Triple D Winter Race is today.

I put in my time and did the best I could do to prepare.   Today is about  having fun. I am going to be out there with 110 Ultra Cyclist class riders today. There are also several runners doing half and full marathons with a small bunch of Poker Run Cyclists cruising around as well. All told there are over 200 participants this year.

We got an upgrade for the event site as this year  the headquarters are being set up at the Best Western Plus, up the hill a ways from where we used to take off from. The first segment will be new stuff with a creek crossing and some other new off road bits thrown in. Unfortunately, there isn't hardly any snow, but that won't mean that I won't be having fun.

The challenge this year will be facing a 10-15mph headwind all the way to the turn around point in Dyersville where we will finally get to have a tailwind push all the way back down the Heritage Trail to Dubuque. Oh yeah, the high temperature is forecast to be 16ºF. Should be chilly!

I will be traveling on Monday, so any report I file won't show up here until Tuesday, unless something remarkable happens in regard to my efforts here. So stay tuned for more with pictures coming soon. 

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