Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: Links & Some Thoughts

Today I was reminded that I have written reams on this event and much of what I have written might be good fodder still for Rookies to read through and may be a great reminder for those who have been Finishers and Veterans of the event.

So, this post will mostly be links back into the archives to things I think are worthy of covering again. But before I go there, I have a link for you from a Trans Iowa Veteran. Yes- I linked to this yesterday as well. However; if you didn't go read it- do so. There is a lot of great info there, not to mention experience and wisdom. Here is the link to Flandria Velosport's "A Letter To All The Rookies"

Cues Sheets: I probably have linked to this before, but here it is again- "Trans Iowa V8: Cue Sheets Explained" The cues sheets this year will be these dimensions as you look at them: 3.75W X 4.25H, otherwise everything in that post is spot on for this year as far as how you will read the cues.

How To Ride Gravel: There are certain nuances, a certain wisdom, and courteous gestures one should know and practice for riding out on the gravel roads of Trans Iowa's course, or any gravel road, for that matter. These ideas were inspired by my friends at the Pirate Cycling League and by my own experiences. "Tips On Riding Gravel Roads For T.I.V8 (Or Any Other Gravel Event)" Read that and remember- just be smart out there!

Image by W. Kilburg from T.I.V7
Volunteers: The event doesn't run without a lot of help. Volunteers were one of the big highlights of last year's event, and I would love it if T.I.V9 could be an encore performance of volunteer excellence.

Here are some needs we have for T.I.V9. You can read the description of volunteer jobs on this post: "Trans Iowa V7 Update #12: Volunteers". You'll note that my former co-director, "d.p." is mentioned there, but he has moved on to the tropical island of Fiji, (really!), so my volunteer needs are even more acute this time, (just like last year). If you can volunteer, just let me know by hitting me up here.

Gear Choices: I get equipment choice questions frequently concerning Trans Iowa. Bikes, what to wear, tires, and single speed gearing. Here are two posts about all of that: "Trans Iowa V7 Update #8: Equipment Choices" and "Trans Iowa V7 Update #9: More On Equipment Choices".

Psychobabble: In many of the discussions concerning this unique event, you will hear the term "mental games", or "Mind games" brought up. You will hear about facing your demons out there", and other weird, spooky stuff that sounds like it is a bunch of B.S. Well, let me assure you, it isn't B.S. It is very real. Here is a great post concerning mental toughness: "Trans Iowa V7 Update #14: Mental Toughness" Make sure you read all the comments there on that one. Some really great tidbits are laying there for the taking.

Finally- Some Thoughts On Roster Limits: I saw somewhere on Facebook where a poster had asked why "we don't let more into the event". As has been stated many times before, there are some very important reasons for that.

The first thing is that this isn't a metric century, it is not a 100 mile event, it is not a 150 mile event. No, Trans Iowa- just one Trans Iowa- is equal to all three of those events back to back to back without stopping. It is like doing three events in one. How many people do you know would even sign up for such a thing? See what I mean? The "pool" that Trans Iowa can draw from is limited. I get a lot of turn-over every year. Folks come once, fail, then are never heard from again. That's how hard it is, and why- even if there were no limitations to how many we'd let in- only so many will ride in a Trans Iowa every year.

Secondly, I do not want 400 people at Trans Iowa. I - as a promoter/course designer/logistician/main grunt am not prepared to take on anymore than will show up for any given Trans Iowa.

Finally, I don't want that many bodies floating around in a broken up string miles and miles long over a 300+ mile course. To me, it is a logistical and technical nightmare. To overcome those challenges in Iowa- the event would have an entirely, non-Trans Iowa flavor. Not gonna do it, but as I say, I don't have to worry about that. The demand just is not there anyway. So it is a moot point.

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