Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Salsa Cycles Vaya: Update

Many of the regular readers here know I picked up a Salsa Cycles Vaya frame recently. This is a used frame that I am building up for use as a disc brake equipped gravel grinder.

It's looking like today may be the day that I get most of this rig put together. "Most" because I am waiting on tires, and that will be something I should be getting later this week, if not tomorrow. But anyway, here is a brief preview of what is going on with this rig and why I am pursuing that for this build.

Okay, so here's the deal: The Vaya is billed primarily as Salsa Cycles' touring bike, but as anyone who has been around the gravel grinder  scene in the Mid-West knows, this is a very popular gravel racer rig. Why? I aim to find that out for myself. Obviously there is some strong likeness to Salsa Cycles' first Fargo, so I expect similar feelings with regard to ride quality on gravel. We'll see....

What Time Is It? It's Vaya Time!
The main goal for this bike, in as far as what I hope to achieve with the final result, is a lighter weight bike than the Fargo with similar feelings and capabilities, albeit with narrower tires. To that end several specific parts will be used to get me where I think this could go.

The main component in the build is the Edge wheel set, (older name for Enve), and the wheels I have are sub-1500 grams for the pair. They have lightweight, yet durable American Classic Disc hubs, which have never given me pause for worry or concern so far. As a matter of fact, they were on the Fargo Gen 1 bike I have had for quite sometime, so I should be able to get a feel for the Vaya's similarities, if any, since the wheels are a constant there.

Another component chosen for it's familiarity with regard to the Fargo is the On One Midge bar. In fact, these are the very same Midge Bars that were on the old Fargo Gen 1 before I replaced them recently with new, gold anodized Midge Bars. These bars are reasonably light and in the 25.4mm clamp size, quite comfortably flexible. I will also use bar end shifters which should help keep the weight down as well.

I am using a carbon fiber seat post, vintage mtb, by the way, and a lighter weight Bontrager saddle for the time being. The drive train will be a mish-mash of 10 speed Shimano and SRAM components with two front chain rings in 42 and 30 tooth sizes.

Okay then, if all goes well today, and I get the tires soon, I may debut the Vaya yet this week. Stay tuned......


S Sprague said...

Nice headset cap! Is that a vintage part too or are they available someplace? Nice match with the frame.

Isolation Helmet said...

So GT:

What are the weight differences between the Fargo and the Vaya frame/fork combos? Can't seem to find this info on-line.

Guitar Ted said...

@S. Sprague: The head set cap is from a Acros "Clockwork Orange" Limited Edition head set. I have that head set in another bike, but never used the cap.

@Isolation Helmet: Dang! I never have weighed either frame. The Vaya fork is 1000 grams, cut, with a star nut installed and a Cane Creek race installed. So that is not all that heavy. I did weigh that! A Fargo Gen II fork is 1080 grams, cut, with star nut installed, no crown race. So- not a lot of difference there. I suspect the percentage difference in frames is similar to forks from the two models. But I don't have any hard numbers there.

George said...

This might be a place to look for custom caps and other stuff. No affiliation just a happy customer.

Joe Cool said...

I like your idea about the lighter wheels. Now if only I could find a nice "light" for to help lighten mine even more