Thursday, March 22, 2018

Geezer Ride Postponed!

I'm sure no one is interested in roads like these with rain on top of it all!
Well, as my old friend Jeff Kerkove used to say about weather for Trans Iowa: "The weather is the wildcard." The same is true for any Spring time scheduled event in the Mid-West.

This Saturday looks downright ugly at this point. With snow a distinct possibility overnight Friday, and that after rain, the roads would be a complete mess. Added to that is the threat of continued showers, winds gusting from the East at well over 20mph, and you have a recipe for misery and hypothermic conditions.

Not gonna risk that for a ride aimed at beginners.

So, I have pulled the trigger on a postponement of the ride to April 14th, a Saturday, same time and same place as originally planned. This, hopefully, will end up being a better date with decent weather. There has been tremendous interest locally and regionally for this edition of the Geezer Ride, so I am happy to try to accommodate all with a riding experience that isn't quite so nasty.

Now if there are any questions or comments, feel free to drop them in the comment section or you can also discuss this event and keep tabs on it by visiting the Facebook Event Page for the Spring Geezer Ride 2018.

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