Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Trans Iowa v14: Update

Things are accelerating toward the next Trans Iowa which will occur April 28th-29th, which isn't very far away. So, it is time to start getting some stuff done. I'm pretty busy with the behind the scene details.

One big hurdle was crossed just yesterday when I finished a final draft of the cues using the actual formatting you will see in the event, (if you are a rider.) Those are already off to my secret course checker who will be taking a random day here soon to canvass the course using the cues to navigate by. I won't be out there this time, so the feedback should be great. After that gets done the cues can then be printed, cut up into sets, and bagged. That's one big component of the event that will be nice to put to bed.

The next thing is the number plates. I have them, but I want to do something to personalize them. I have the current Trans Iowa logo out to get digitized and when that happens I can send a file out to get some "things" done. One of those will be, maybe, something I'm going to use on the number plates. We will see......

New Trans Iowa Sponsor!
Volunteers are all lined up. I have "eyes in the field", more of those than ever this time, and all the checkpoints and start and finish line stuff is covered. So, no worries there. As always, I am amazed at the response I get for volunteers without even having to ask. I'm just blown away by that. Thanks y'all!

I've got a few sponsor things hanging out there yet that I have to see if that comes through, but speaking of sponsors, I have a new one to announce. Andy's Mobile Bike Shop has stepped up to provide support for the event in the form of money for some of our transportation needs. Andy might be familiar to some of you that were in T.I.v12 since he volunteered that year at CP#1. Andy also worked with me for a while until striking out on his own as a mobile repair option here in Waterloo/Cedar Falls.

Thanks Andy's Mobile Bike for your support of Trans Iowa v14!

Stay tuned for more updates on T.I.v14.......

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