Saturday, March 24, 2018

Minus Ten Review - 12

No dirt here folks. A trail in Franklin State Park near El Paso, Texas
Ten years ago this week I was in El Paso, Texas to visit my relatives and ride in the desert. This would have been the second time I had ridden down there.

It's hard to impart just how difficult it is to ride through these trails. Everything is a rock that you are riding on. They vary in size and shape, being loose, hard, bedrock, or deep gravel depending upon where you are. Since it typically is so rough, loose, and rocky, the going is very slow. I once rode about 15 miles, I think it was, and it took over 3 hours. I was just crawling, but then again, on that trip I had a hard tail.

The trip ten years ago was to test two rigs I had for Twenty Nine Inches. One was a rare Siren Song soft tail single speed. It was over-geared for the terrain but a nice bike. The Hi-Fi was a better match there but unfortunately I have no good recollection of that ride anymore. Not that particular one, anyway.

So, what I do know is that I liked riding there. While, as I say, it was tough going, it was very different than anything I've done before then or since. I enjoy it every time I get the chance to ride down there. Unfortunately, it has been several years since I've been able to. The last time I was there my father in law was in hospital, so we spent the main portion of the stay with him there, and then I got sick at the end and.......well, I'd rather forget that!

Here's a couple more shots of the trails down there for reference......

That's the Hi-Fi in the image there. 
I remember thinking this looked like a brick building had been razed here and someone made a path through the middle.


jkruse said...

Are these shots from the Franklin Mountains State Park? That is some exceptionally rocky terrain. Plus tires and low pressure work great around here.

Guitar Ted said...

@jkruse- Yes! That's where those shots are from. On the west side, Tom Mays Unit. Unfortunately, back then, a 2.4"er was as wide as I could get.