Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trans Iowa v14: Numbers And Stuff

Who will get the #1 plate?
Numbers Are In:

Trans Iowa number plates are in at HQ now and I get to sort through them and assign numbers to people. But before I get too far, there are some rules for the riders concerning these numbers.
  • Number plates MUST be VISIBLE at all times. So, if you have your number pinned to a jacket to start out, and later it gets warm enough to take off that jacket, you MUST MOVE THE NUMBER TO YOUR JERSEY. If, for instance, you have your number on your jersey and put on a jacket, YOU MUST MOVE THE NUMBER TO THE JACKET, But wouldn't it be just easier all around if you stuck the number on your bike and made sure it was secured so it wasn't blown off? Then you can swap around clothing at will without running afoul of this rule. If we cannot see your number you will be DQ'ed, so be careful! I have several observers that will be planted at certain points on course, so we will be watching you! Numbers should be on the handle bars for best compliance to this rule. 
  • Numbers Can Not Be Cut Or Modified In Any Way!
  • We will provide pins and twist ties which will be available at the Pre-Race Meat-Up.
  • Numbers will be picked up at sign in at the Pre-Race Meat-Up. 
Numbers are assigned in such a way that they will make sense to the volunteers and to myself, so beyond that there is no special significance to which number plate you receive. Yes......I have a #1 plate, but I do not have to use it, so there is that.....

My hope is that something will come through soon so that I can customize each plate, but time is running short, so that may or may not happen. We will see. I still plan on writing everyone's name on their plate and that will carry on the tradition I have started several Trans Iowas ago.

Three Q-Pro cue sheet holders specially customized for TIv14.
Special Customized Q-Pro Cue Sheet Holders From Bar Yak:

Bar Yak really outdid themselves this year with some super special customized Q-Pro Cue Sheet holders which are emblazoned with "Trans Iowa v14" on each.

This is something too cool not to be used in the event, so if you are on the roster, you should have gotten an e-mail from me Monday evening detailing how you can get in on the drawing for one of these. The entry period runs through till this coming Monday, April 2nd, at which time I am going to draw three names and get these out to those three lucky riders. That way they will have a chance to dial in the cue sheet holders and be able to use them at Trans Iowa v14.

Bar Yak is a rider driven company and this latest version of the Q-Pro incorporates several updates over previous versions. I have a version of this system and it really makes cue sheets an easy thing to use in any weather condition.

If you are on the T.I.v14 roster and you did not see the e-mail just comment below and I will make sure you get that. Thanks! Winners will be notified April 2nd by e-mail and I will be asking for a shipping address. Packages should go out then the following Tuesday, or at the latest, Wednesday. No purchase necessary, must be on the TIv14 roster to be eligible. Decisions of Guitar Ted regarding the drawing and shipping of these prizes will be final.

Book Raffle:

I also received five copies of Nick Legan's "Gravel Cycling" to be raffled off at the Pre-Race Meat-Up. Whomever shows up at the Grinnell Steakhouse Friday, April 27th and is signed on to ride in Trans Iowa will be eligible for this book.

I also talked about this in the e-mail I sent out and the publisher allowed me to share a special link which shows a bit of the book. The part I got to share was Nick's pre-event checklist, which is timely for the Trans Iowa rider. Again- If you are on the roster and you did not get the e-mail, let me know and I will forward you that.

Okay, that's about it for this update. Recon for the course will happen soon, and then I will print cue sheets and after that I will be customizing number plates for each rider. Then it will be the final stretch to T.I.v14 and another whirlwind of a weekend.

Stay tuned for more soon.......


Derek said...

Please enter me in the BarYak drawing. I'm a TI veteran and got your previous emails, but not this past one. :( Thank you! --Derek Brown
(Also, if you could forward the email with Nick's checklist that you mentioned I would appreciate it. Thanks!)

Roy Rhodes said...

I did not receive the latest email but would like to be entered in the Bar Yak drawing.
Thanks, Roy Rhodes

V for Victory said...


Like above comment, received prior emails but did not receive BarYak email.

Thank you.

Warran Wiebe

Ben M said...

I checked my inbox, deleted items, and spam folders... no email that I can see.
-Ben Mullin (projected TIv14 finisher :))

Katharine Ankofski said...

Hey Mark! I didn't receive the BarYak email either.
Kate Ankofski

Anonymous said...

I also did not receive the emails.

Sheldon Thompson

Will Ritchie said...

Hi GT,

Didn't receive Bar Yak e-mail or Gravel Cycling checklist.

Will Ritchie

Michael Lemberger said...

I'm also on the roster and did not receive an email on Monday...the last one I got from you was sent on March 1.

As much as I like the BarYak stuff, I already have a solution for cue sheets in place and would be happy to have my entry go to someone who would put one of these to good use.

Though I'm already pretty sure you'll do this, please be sure to announce your next email communication through other channels.

Thanks again for all the things you do Mark...really looking forward to TI this year!

Charles Parsons said...

G-Ted -

I am super pumped for another Trans Iowa. Even after nine in the bank I am still looking for a better Q-sheet solution.