Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Geezer Ride Update

It may not even be this green for the Geezer Ride!
Geezer Ride 2018 Update:

Today is final recon for this year's Spring Geezer Ride on Saturday, March 24th, at 8:30am at Prairie Grove Park on Shaulis Rd .

I expect to do a route of approximately 40 miles and the way things are going, I may not have a Level B in there, but maybe I will..... Hard to say. Last week it was still covered in snow, so it takes a while to unfreeze those things and thaw them out.

Once again, the Geezer Ride is for anyone "gravel curious", beginning to explore the idea of riding on gravel roads, or for anyone wanting to join in a casual paced gravel group ride. Things will go slowly since we will regroup often, so no rider will get left behind. The route won't be particularly tough by gravel standards, but there will be some significant rollers to deal with, so be prepared to do a bit of climbing.

The end of the route will pass through Hudson, Iowa where we can decide on what to do in as far as stopping for drinks, eating, or departing for the cars.

Weather should be cool, so bring a wind jacket, tights, light gloves, and wear appropriate eyewear for the day. It may shower on us, but this ride is happening unless it is an outright downpour the day of. Roads should be clear and hopefully still in "Winter state" which would mean some fast riding conditions. But we could just as well be riding on the first fresh gravel of the season too. So bring puffy tires and use less air pressure.

Finally, I am going to post a Facebook event page for the ride today. UPDATED: Here is the link to the event page on Facebook. Also- I will have a set of 700c X 42 Teravail Cannonball Tires to give away to the lucky person who shows the most grit and determination on this ride, judged by Guitar Ted.

Stay tuned for more info soon.......


Piperguy416 said...

Just to confirm, this Spring 2018 Geezer Ride is March 24 instead of March 31 as announced earlier?

Guitar Ted said...

@Pipeguy416- That is correct. The earlier date is on Easter weekend so I wasn't very hip on that.

Piperguy416 said...