Friday, March 09, 2018

Friday News And Views

These are the perpetrators of my gabbing.
Interviewed Again:

Once in a while I get interviewed. This is always kind of an odd experience for me and whenever it happens I often wonder if the answers I give will ever get printed, shown, or aired, depending upon the type of media it is. This go round it was digital. "Cyclocross Magazine" has a writer by the name of  Zachary Schuster and he came a knocking on my e-mail inbox and sent over a couple of rounds of questions that I fired off answers to.

Apparently my "State of the Gravel Scene" series, which ran here on this blog in January, set off Zach's curiosity and he wanted to know more. Like I say, I am never assured that anytime I give answers the piece will run, but in this case, it did. If you would like to read it, here is the link.

Plans Changed:

Some things behind the scenes have happened that have changed my plans to not go to Kansas again in early June. Now I will be at the Dirty Kanza Expo and I will stay through the event weekend. Note- I am not taking anyone's place in the event, nor am I sucking up a rare motel/dorm space. I wouldn't have gone if either or both were the case. Why? Because there are a LOT of people paying big bucks to go do this event and I, quite frankly, "don't want to take away from that". Nuff said there.......

So, why go then? Well, I am not really sure, on one hand, but if the head honcho of the deal is asking you to be there, well then......there must be some reason for that. I am in as much of a vague-cloud as you are when it comes to that part. But the other reason I am crystal clear on. My brother-from-another-mother, MG, is in the DKXL, and I have worked it out to be riding part way down with him and back again to Lincoln for this and I want to support him any way I can. So.....good enough reason to go right there. Look for some good times reports in mid-June. Later in June I'll be going back there for the Solstice 100 gravel event, so Lincoln may get sick of me this year. I'll be back there again in August for Gravel Worlds. Crazy!

49 Days To T.I.v14!

WARNING! You are going to start noticing a lot of Trans Iowa v14 crap here for the next month and a half plus. Why? Because I run this deal and I have a lot on my mind that I have to share concerning this event. 

So, it looks like time is running short and things will need to be getting wrapped up here. I'm still hopeful that the digitized image for the logo gets done yet this month, as next week nothing is going to be happening with that because of Spring Break. Daylight Savings time also takes effect this week, so that's another sign that T.I. is not far away.

Remember! If you cannot make the event- PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!! It is very important that I get close to an exact number of folks showing up so I do not waste a bunch of money, people's time and efforts, and materials on someone who won't be there. 

 That's it for this week. get out and ride!

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