Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Nagging Thoughts

Well......maybe next year, huh?
This thought comes to mind every time I ride the Twin Six Standard Rando. "You know, I really need to ride this on a century ride." Yes, I like this bike, and yes- I think it would be really good on a 100 miler. It is uncannily comfortable. It shouldn't be though.

It has a massive carbon fork. Not a lot of give there. It isn't made from some weird, rare steel alloy that has magic frame stickers nor does it have legendary ride attributes whispered about it on forums. It has a short seat post. Not much give there either. But it is really a comfortable ride. 

So, every time I ride it I think how fun a really long ride might be on it, and I start thinking about routes, then I remember all the other stuff I have going on. I remember what things my family has going on. I remember the stuff I should be doing around the house. So I put it of and do some of that 'other stuff' first and figure that I'll get around to it later. The single speed century ride, that is. 

But time ran out on me this season. I'll have to probably put this idea aside now until Spring 2022. But I really do want to try out a 100 miler on this bike. That may sound crazy, but I have been known to do some oddball things in my time. 


Bill Webster said...

Perhaps a great idea for a ride lurks in your comment about the Rando — how about a 100 Km or mile ride where everyone rides a neglected bike? Collectively share some love for our almost favorite bike…

Barturtle said...

My Standard Rando (1st gen) just got its first century today, in fact.

Guitar Ted said...

@Unknown - Hmm.... Intriguing idea. Perhaps a "Turkey Burn" idea.

@Barturtle - Congratulations! I hope it was a good ride.